Saturday, April 13, 2019

Google Cloud FireStore Database - Backup, Restore & Import in Python

Google Cloud FireStore Database Utilities for following functions:

  • To Backup Collections
  • To Restore Collection
  • To Convert or Import CSV File to Collection
  • To List All Collections


  • sudo pip3 install firedb

Usage Examples:

Initialize the FireStore Database

  • import firedb
  • db = firedb.db()


  • db.backup('collection_name')
  • This will create a collection_name.json file as backup
  • db.backup('col1', 'col2', 'col3')
  • This will create multiple jsons files - col1.json to col3.json as backup
  • db.backup(All=True)
  • This will create json backup files for all collections in the database.


  • db.restore('collection_name.json')
  • This will create a collection with name "collection_name"

Convert or Import from CSV:

  • db.csv2collection(CSV_FileName)
  • This will convert a CSV File to Collection.
  • Optional keyword argument name can be supplied to assign document name.

To List all Collections:

  • db.list()

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