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Sanskrit DictionayA leading app for translating words between english and sanskrit.
Food Nutrition DatabaseDatabase of Food nutrients provided by USDA (US Department of Agriculture)
Tao Te ChingAncient Chinese Book by Lao Tzu
Vimalakirti SutraA Buddhist Sutra on nothingness and wisdom
NakshatrasAttributes of persons born under 27 nakshatras or stars
MeditationSpeeches and Writings about Meditation by J Krishnamurty
AwarenessSpeeches and Writings about Awareness by J Krishnamurty
Collected WorksCollected Works of J Krishnamurty on various topics
Ashtavakra GitaAn enlightening ancient text on Awareness
Vignana Bhairava TantraAncient Text on Techniques to reach Super-Consciousness
GitanjaliiPoem by Rabindranath Tagore, a nobel laureate

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